Thursday, July 17, 2008

McDonalds Corp Gives Money to Gay Organizations

McDonalds Corporation has continued its aggressive plan to promote their homosexual agenda once again by contributing funds to gay and lesbian organizations seeking to break the barriers of traditional marriage.

A demonstration was held near McDonald's national headquarters in Chicago to draw attention to their pro-homosexual stance.

The protest was in response to the corporations $20,000 donation to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and a McDonald's executive who was seated on their board.

American Family Association's Buddy Smith was on hand for the event, which included a press conference. Smith said that McDonald's needs to project a pro-family philosophy. "They need to line up their associations with that message and drop their membership in the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber," he stated.

He adds that the chamber is a political machine that is out to radically redefine marriage and family in America.

Peter LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth, supports the boycott, and says their message is that "when you take sides in the culture war, at some point there's gotta be a price to pay. And we're hoping that millions of people join this boycott and it becomes really something the entire pro-family movement gets behind." He stresses that unity is the key to success.

The battle continues against big corporations who seek to control policy and decisions accross America fighting against traditonal marriage modelists.

Soon, McDonalds Corp will marketing their products to the gay community and become no longer a family friendly eatery, but one that supports the gay marriage proposals that the liberal left seeks.

The buck stops here.