Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Appointed National Outreach Director, Catholics for McCain

Today, I was appointed by the Catholic Students for McCain Chairman Billy Valentine to help out as the National Outreach Director for Catholics for McCain. I am proud to be able to serve Senator McCain's campaign in an area I can best serve.

Catholics for McCain is an National Grassroots operation that is supporting the candidacy of John McCain for the White House. We believe that as Catholics we can change the tides in an election, and Senator McCain recognizes of Catholics in 2008. In 2004, Catholics came out in huge support for George Bush, and in fact for the first time the Republicans won the Catholic vote even though Bush was up against pro-choice Catholic John Kerry.

Therefore, Catholics for McCain is dedicated to reach out and support issues that most Catholics care about: abortion, traditional marriage, healthcare, national security, economy, and the enviornment.

I am priviledged to assist Catholics for McCain in whatever way possible to help Senator McCain win the White House. I will post information shortly about a new website that Catholics for McCain has to offer and how you can help Catholics for McCain.