Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Senator Obama Responds to Title X

So last week, I sent a message to Senator Barack Obama's Senate office in Washington, DC asking his office to reconsider Title X funding for the upcoming year. If you aren't aware of Title X, it provides funding for family planning for low income families who are having a difficult time to plan a family. Part of the funding goes toward elective abortions through the program.

While Title X does provide health care screenings and other important health goals that are good for low income families, it provides for abortions, not adoptions. It also encourages families to use contraceptives, not abstainence programs. Clearly, the Democrats want to expand the program due to Democratic goals they seek.

Barack Obama is no exception to this. I sent him this message:

"I am writing to urge you to oppose any appropriations legislation that increases Title X funding.

Planned Parenthood receives a substantial amount of funding through the Title X program, and recent actions by Planned Parenthood clinic staff do not merit funding. A sophomore studying at UCLA recently released shocking recordings uncovering blatant racism at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country.

Student Lila Rose hired an actor to call the development offices of various Planned Parenthood sites and ask that the potential donation be only used to abort black babies. The responses were shocking. Not a single person with whom the actor spoke said no. In fact, one woman said the request was understandable and that she was excited to process it.

Taxpayer funds should not go to clinics who call racist requests "understandable" simply because it supports their bottom line. Please oppose any Title X funding for Planned Parenthood clinics.

I would appreciate a response to my letter.

Susan B. Anthony List Activist


Michael Moehlenhof"

This is the response I got back today from Senator Barack Obama:

"Dear Michael:

Thank you for advising me of your opposition to Title X funding for Planned Parenthood Clinics. I appreciate knowing of your strong feelings on this troubling matter.

However, it is extremely important to not let isolated incidents eclipse the greater good which is at stake. Each year, more than five million women receive health care services at roughly 4,500 planning clinics funded by Title X. Of these women, 65 percent have incomes at or below the federal poverty level and are uninsured. It is estimated that without the Title X program, the number of teenage pregnancies over the last two decades would have been 20 percent higher.

All women, regardless of the State in which they reside or ability to pay, deserve access to reproductive services. In most cases, these clinics are the sole source of family planning for the women they serve. We can and must do more to ensure that every woman in our country has equal access to quality family planning services, and Title X is a step in the right direction.

I know this is a controversial issue. Please know that while we disagree on this issue, I respect your opinion and understand your point of view.

Again, Michael, thank you for writing. Be certain your priorities are on my mind, and please stay in touch in the days ahead.


Barack Obama
United States Senator"

Written by an aide from a talking point source, I just cannot believe that I am not looking at the whole package. I believe that all women should have family planning services that protect life, not destroy it. I really believe in Title X, but its just the wrong direction. Encourage adoption, encourage abstainence; but don't fail to bring down the family. Our government needs to uplift the family. This response by Obama was disappointing at best.