Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wall St Journal Reports Planned Parenthood moving to Suburbs

In the Monday June 23, 2008 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Planned Parenthood announced their intentions to move clinics and their services to more "affluent" areas of town. No longer are they focused on giving reproductive services to the less wealthy, but they are focused on giving services to everyone, moving their clinic or what they called "express centers" in shopping malls.

What Planned Parenthood continues to do is make their product; their brand more acceptable by the public and they are starting with teens. Their deceptive tactics are continuing to hide the truth about what services they actually provide to teens and college students. What is even worse is that PP has to cover up their true nature with glitzy clothes and make it acceptable to buy condoms from them. In fact, they are now offering $2 branded condoms that every teen must have. They are turning themselves into a toy store for teens.

This article by WSJ frightens me even more is that 1 out of every 5 abortions take place in their clinics, and they are by far the largest provider of contraceptives anywhere in America. It seems that the number will grow as affluent teens who are encouraged to engage in premarital sex by Planned Parenthood will continue to seek their services in the near future. They are building a base of young people who will believe that PP is a great "All-American" service.

When and where is enough? When will PP end their reign of terror preying upon innocent teens and students?

WSJ highlighted a 21000 sq. ft building in Aurora, a suburb of Chicago, where many of the better off live. For middle and higher income teens and college students make their centers accessible, the more likely they are going to seek their services because of the better location. Most new locations are large buildings that are now castles, making it difficult for pro-life activists to make their case to stuggling women who need an answer.

I hope and pray that folks can see past the wool being pulled over their eyes as PP seeks to make their products 'good'.